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Lockdown Boxing Workout

Boxing is the ideal exercise for relieving stress and building strength. To get the most out of boxing, It is important that you employ the correct technique. This blog post aims to give you a workout that gets the heart pumping but also teaches the basics.

This workout consists of five rounds, with each round lasting three minutes. A one minute recovery will follow each round to allow your body to prepare for the next round.

Right, let’s get started. Set your feet hip-width apart and square up into a boxer’s stance. Step your dominant foot back a step. Shift your weight back and forth between your legs, making sure you stay on the balls of your feet.

For your upper body, bring your arms up so your elbows are tucked in towards your rib cage, clenching your fists into a ball either side of your face. Your dominant hand will be your “back hand” and your non-dominant hand will be your “front hand”.

Round 1

We’re going to start with a warm-up.

1) standard jumping jacks – 30 seconds

2) cross-jacks – 30 seconds

3) fast high-knees – 30 seconds

4) butt-kickers – 30 seconds

5) squat jump burst – 30 seconds

6) standard jumping jacks – 30 seconds

1 minute cool down getting ready for the next round

Round 2

Now the warm-up is complete it’s time to get punching (the air)! This is a practice round to get used to the different punches we will be using during this workout.

We’re going to get started with the front jab and cross jab. Keep your elbows close to your body and speed up after each reset. Do both of these a couple of times and then introduce a front hook and back hooks. Repeat the four movements for practice.

Once you’ve perfected that combination, switch out your hooks for uppercuts. Continuing with front and cross jabs, move into a front upper cut and back upper cut. Give this combination a few practice runs then put all 6 movements together and run through the complete series a few times. The final results should be in this order: front jab, cross jab, front hook, back hook, front upper cut, and back upper cut.

The active recovery for this round will be one minute long. Switch between four standard squats and four pop squats.

Round 3

The third round will focus on duck combinations.

Duck combination 1: Start off in your boxers stance and from there punch out a front and cross jab, then bend your knees and lower your torso forward into a duck. Repeat this series three times.

Duck combination 2:  Start off in your boxers stance. Use the combination: front jab-cross jab-duck, cross jab-front hook-cross jab, reset. Repeat three times.

Duck combination 3: Start off in your boxers stance. Use the combination: front jab-cross jab-duck, front upper cut-back upper cut-front hook. Repeat three times.

For your active recovery, do two push-ups and six mountain climbers.

Round 4

You’ve been working on jabs throughout the work out, now show off everything that you have learnt. Start this round off by punching out three front jabs in a row, then reset. Move onto to alternating between front jabs and cross jabs, doing two of each before resetting.

Now combine the two jab sequences you’ve practiced. The series will look like this: front jab-cross jab-front jab-cross jab, front jab-front-jab-front-jab.

Continue to add to this sequence by adding in front hooks and back hooks. Sequence to look like this: front jab-cross jab-back hook-front jab-cross jab- front hook-front jab-front-jab-front-jab.

Recover  actively by doing jumping jacks for one minute.

Round 5

For the first 30 seconds of the final round, alternate between front and cross jabs, followed by front and back upper cuts.

For the next 30 seconds, add in high knees as you run through this movement, punching out your jabs and upper cuts as you alternate raising each knee as high as possible.

For your final 30 seconds, rotate through two front and cross jabs before dropping down to a push-up position and pushing up twice. Rotate through that series twice

Hope you are all sweaty and enjoyed the workout! Well done!!

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