Essential Boxing Equipment – Beginners

Are you looking for a new sport to begin? Boxing is a relatively easy and inexpensive sport to begin. You don’t need much fancy equipment, at least when you are just starting. However, to ensure you are protected and can train at your best, this blog post highlights a few important pieces of equipment.
Professionals may tell you that you need the latest gadgets and fads to take on your next opponent. Luckily for your wallet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Boxing equipment for beginners is all about protection and conditioning.

So what do you need?

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves for beginners is quite a debated topic, but to keep it brief, there are two types of of gloves for beginners; training gloves, and competition/sparring gloves.

It is definitely recommended that you invest in a high quality pair of gloves. They are made to protect your hands so it’s best not to cheap out on this piece of equipment.

Check out this blog from Origym on the best boxing gloves –

Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are important if you want to protect all of the tiny bones in your hands as well as your wrists, which you do. Hand wraps provide protection for your knuckles as well as preventing your wrists from spraining or breaking while you throw punches.


Headgear is important if you intend on doing live sparring. It will absorb a lot of hits, so it is vitally important that you choose something that is going to last. Headgear protects you from cuts and scrapes but it will not protect you from repeated punches to the head.


Other than gloves, a mouth guard is probably the most important piece of equipment for boxer. When sparring, a mouth guard will protect your teeth from being knocked out, and your lips from splitting open.

Groin & Chest Protectors

If you plan on doing some sparring these are a must. No one wants to get hit where it hurts. Providing that extra layer of protection whilst you learn the ropes.

Other Equipment

The list of boxing equipment for beginners that you can buy is endless. We haven’t included equipment like boxing shoes or skipping ropes as they aren’t necessarily essential. As long as you have all the basics highlighted in this list you will be good to get going.

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